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Most people born after 1945 have never truly known the bed bug – and until recently, they were not commonly encountered by pest professionals. Bed bugs remained commonplace in other parts of the world, such as Asia and in South and Central America. 

But in recent years, they have been frequently encountered in North America in hotels, motels, hostels, dorms, shelters, schools, homes, health care facilities, apartments complexes (so much so, Arizona now has laws regulating BB issues), various modes of transportation, and virtually any place where people live or congregate.

The resurgent of the bed bug is probably because of several factors. Although some factors often listed are nothing more than theory, they still are considered potential reasons for the dramatic increase in the number of reports and infestations.

People never knew the bed bug and don’t recognize them.

Immigration and worldwide travel have undoubtedly contributed to the resurgence of the bed bug in parts of the US. The rental furniture industry can unwittingly play a role, as can the practice of purchasing or otherwise acquiring secondhand furnishings. Lastly, changes that have occurred in pest management practices, such as less frequent application of insecticides, and the use of more bait formulations in urban pest management, have enabled bed bugs to come into the US and find their way without encountering an insecticide treatment to stop them.

So, the pest control professional really began regrouping in the early 2006ish timeframe dealing with the increased request to address bed bug infestations. In Flagstaff because of our tourism and visiting population we became a hot spot for Arizona with what appeared to be higher requests and infestations that appeared again higher than the rest of the state. Today the pest professional has been provided with many new tools, materials, and protocols that weren’t available just a few years earlier. Bed bugs are still a serious concern, people can have a reaction to the bits that goes well beyond the irritation and frustration, and mental issues associated with bed bugs and their presents in your private spaces. 

When dealing with bed bugs concerns it’s more important than ever to select a pest professional that understands bed bugs’ life cycle and behaviors, or the treatment will be either ineffective or less effective than can be to resolve your bed bug concerns.

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