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Ants: Our ant control service includes a thorough inspection to identify ant species and locate their nests. The treatment method includes targeted baits and materials designed to eliminate the entire colony, including the queen, ensuring a complete solution to your ant problem.
Spiders (Including Black Widows): This service is designed to control and eliminate dangerous and bothersome spiders, including black widows. We will inspect and treat common hiding spots and web-building areas. A combination of webbing and residual materials is used to reduce food sources and trapping mechanisms to create an environment unlivable.
Nesting Wasps: Our nesting wasp control service focuses on the safe removal of wasp nests. After a thorough inspection to locate the nests, our technicians use specialized equipment and pest and family friendly materials to eliminate the wasps and remove the nests. We also provide preventative measures to deter future nesting.
Roaches: Our roach control service involves identifying the species and locating their breeding sites. Using a combination of baits, traps, and materials undetectable, we aim to eradicate the entire roach population. We also offer advice on sanitation habits and strategies to keep your property roach-free.
Crickets: Our cricket control service identifies and treats infestations to prevent the damage and noise associated with these pests. After a comprehensive inspection, our technicians use environmentally friendly materials to treat infested areas. We also advise sealing potential entry points to keep crickets out, possibly insect exclusion.
Earwig: Our earwig control service begins with an inspection to identify hiding places and entry points. Treatment often involves the use of residual materials that target earwigs specifically. We also provide preventative measures and guidance on reducing conducive conditions to prevent future infestations.
Carpenter Ants: Our carpenter ant control service targets these wood-destroying ants that can cause significant structural damage if left untreated. We begin with an inspection to identify their Carpenter Ants. Identification and location of the colony(s) is critical of eliminating them. Our treatment involves use of carpenter ant specific bait that is designed for the forgers to carry into the colony and the workers ingest and then regurgitate to feed the complete colony including the queen, destroying the colony from the inside. Any treatment approach that doesn’t address these ants correctly will potentially create additional colonies and create a bigger problem than was there to begin with.
Sentricon Termite Protection: With the Sentricon Termite Protection service, we provide comprehensive defense against subterranean termites. After an initial inspection, we install the Sentricon bait system around your property perimeter. The system, known for its effectiveness and environmentally friendly approach, is monitored and maintained regularly to ensure continuous protection against termite damage. Eliminating subterranean termites effectively and permanently.
Mosquitos: Our mosquito control service reduces the mosquito population in your yard, providing a safer and more comfortable outdoor space. We begin with an inspection to identify breeding and resting sites, followed by treatment with specialized insecticides that target both adult mosquitoes and larvae. Regular treatments are recommended during mosquito season for ongoing control. We offer a completely “green” solution to one of the most frustrating and potentially dangerous pests in your back yard.