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Professional Termite Inspection and Control in Flagstaff, AZ, and Nearby Areas


Mammoth Pest Control offers first-rate termite control services throughout Flagstaff and Northern Arizona. We'd appreciate the opportunity to earn your business by eliminating any ongoing pest issues at your property, and we currently have open appointment slots that are waiting to be filled. We address termite issues in local homes and businesses, so don't hesitate to turn to us at the first sign of termite activity at your location.

An Overview

We start off every termite pest control project by conducting a thorough inspection of the areas that termites are likely to inhabit. We then use the information we gather to determine an effective course of treatment to get rid of the termites that are present and prevent future infestations.

Most termite infestations are not adequately addressed by one-time spray treatments or standard insect traps. Instead, our personnel employs a multi-phased approach to termite control. This includes a combination of poisonous bait, perimeter protection, and other appropriate techniques.

Our Termite Control Treatment Process

Although we employ different strategies based on the type of termites that are present, the severity of the infestation and other factors, our standard termite treatment services include placing poisonous bait traps in the area of the infestation to attract and eliminate the active colony as quickly as possible. We then treat the property perimeter to block new termites from setting up residence later on.

Identifying Termite Activity and Infestation

Unfortunately, most homeowners call in our team for our pest control services only after serious property damage has already occurred. Early inspection and treatment are key to preventing expensive termite damage at your home or business.

A few signs of termite activity that every homeowner should watch out for are visible flying or crawling termites, holes or shavings on or near wooden surfaces, wooden walls, and floorboards that sound hollow, and dirt tunnels along the foundation leading from the ground into the substructure. Any of these issues could indicate a severe infestation at your location and require an immediate termite inspection right away.

Why Choose Mammoth Pest Control?

The team at Mammoth Pest Control provides start-to-finish termite inspection and control in Flagstaff, AZ, and Northern Arizona. Our entire team takes great pride in a job well done and in furnishing excellent service and high-quality results. We also make sure to use only all-natural treatment options while adhering to industry-leading pest management practices.

Your Top Termite Questions Answered

More than a dozen varieties of termites inhabit the Flagstaff region, and they're responsible for causing damage to numerous homes in and around our service area every year. They may even require emergency pest control services.

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Be sure to contact a termite exterminator Mammoth Pest Control any time you need help related to pests and termites. Feel free to call us or fill out the online form to schedule an inspection. Our local pest exterminators look forward to working with you.