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Termite inspection document was defined by the Arizona Department of Agriculture as Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report, or WDIIR, for short, and often referred to as a termite report. This report really shouldn’t be called a termite report because it’s designed to inspect and identify any wood destroying organism, and conditions conducive to wood destroying organisms. The real reason it’s called “Termite Report” is that most lending institutions will generally only have objections to termites as opposed to other less damaging wood destroying organisms. 

Generally, realtors and their offices go to pest control companies to provide this report for peace of mind for their home buying clients, and the requirement of the lending institute funding the home purchase. In more recent years, home inspectors have added this service, even the state of Arizona has created a pathway for home inspectors to include the termite report “WDIIR” in their home inspection.

Pest control companies have inspectors / applicators that have not only passed required certification requirements by the state but have spent months, if not years, doing termite work. Arizona requires even additional classroom instruction to equip inspectors to be effective termite inspectors’ treatment experts. These inspectors tend to be the most experienced technicians in the company. This is due to the state requirement, but also because termites have a unique damaging impact on structures. Companies want their best of the best generally doing this work to provide customers with their knowledge and experience to resolve termite issues. Having this experience can be the determining factor in stopping termites and their destructive colonies.

Mammoth Pest Control has an inspector with these abilities and experience. Tim was certified in termite treatment and inspection in 2006. Tim has completed hundreds of WDIIRs, treating numerous homes in Flagstaff and surrounding Northern Arizona. He is now and has been associated with NARA. With years of experience and working with many of Flagstaff’s top producers, Tim is now providing WDIIR in Flagstaff and Northern Arizona. 

Mammoth is creating a special service exclusively developed to improve the termite report experience. We have a special QR code that will take realtors to Tim’s schedule to streamline the process and ensure timely scheduling of the termite inspection to insure report completion within the inspection period with least amount of effort and hassle. In addition to the scheduling of the termite report, there will be the unique ability of Mammoth Pest control to draw on our sister division Mammoth Construction to address any conditions that might need corrective action. This coming service will ultimately provide skilled construction for small to large issues that might need addressing, Mammoth Construction has been recognized by Flagstaff residents since 2014. They, along with Mammoth Restoration, have been recognized by Arizona Daily Sun as “Best of Flagstaff” for several years consecutively. The objective of this service will be to improve the termite reporting and timely addressing of issues to get your clients’ home sold without hassles and headaches.

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