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With winter in full swing here in Northern Arizona, it can be easy to forget that your furry friend is also feeling the chill. But don’t worry—your pup still has plenty of energy and enthusiasm for the cold months ahead! In fact, they have a few secrets they would like to share with you. Here are three things that your dog doesn’t necessarily want you to know about during winter.

They Love Winter Walks

Believe it or not, your pup loves going on walks just as much in the winter as they do in the summer! Take them out and let them explore all the new sights, smells, and sounds that come with living through a season change. Not only will it provide them with something different to experience, but it will give them an opportunity to get some exercise and expend their extra energy. And since dogs are typically smaller than humans, they stay warm easier. So, no need to worry about bundling up too much—just make sure you have something comfortable for them to wear if temperatures start to dip below freezing.

Snow Can Be Uncomfortable

Yes, snow can be fun for playing and making snow angels but remember that your pup’s fur does not protect their skin from below freezing temperatures. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on their paws when they go outside in the snow and make sure they aren’t exposed too long or in areas where ice may form underneath the surface of the snowpack. If they start shivering or spending more time licking their feet than playing, then it’s time to bring them inside so you can both cozy up by the fire together!

They Need Their Space

Just like us humans need space every once in a while, so do our pups! During these colder months they may want some extra alone time so make sure you give them plenty of space when needed. This could mean setting up a special area for them away from all of your holiday guests or just giving them extra cushioning around people who might be new or unpredictable (like small children). At the end of the day remember that everyone appreciates having some personal space once in a while—including our four-legged friends!

Bottom Line

The winter season brings its own unique set of challenges but with a few simple adjustments you can ensure that everyone stays happy and healthy throughout this festive period—especially your pup! Remember these three secrets during this cold weather season and enjoy all those special moments spent together with your furry friend this wintertime!

If you happen to be in need of a pup this winter, remember to check out the Coconino Humane Association. They always have pups in need.

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