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Roof gutter infested with pests

Pests are not only a nuisance but can also damage your property and pose a legitimate health concern. Should you have a full-blown pest infestation on your hands, don’t panic. With Mammoth Pest Control, you’ve got a dependable pest control company to clean things up for you.

As the premier company for pest control termite inspection in Flagstaff, AZ, we advise clients. Here is a close look at some of the most common ones we encounter and how we deal with them.


Various insects can take over your home, but termite infestation is one of the most common and damaging. While termites don’t cause any health risks, they can wreak unimaginable damage to properties within a short time. Since they hide behind walls, it is usually hard for people to see them, and they call for termite pest control when the damage is severe.

The good news is that our termite treatment experience has made it easy for us to identify their presence without seeing them by spotting signs like mud drops, discarded wings, and bubbling walls. As a premier termite exterminator, we start our termite control process by inspecting how much damage they have caused, determining if we need to remove the wall, and then using safe chemicals to remove them.


Rats and mice can multiply fast, causing property damage, bringing in unpleasant smells, and pausing a health risk. A full-blown rodent infestation calls for emergency pest control services because rodents can also affect your health.

The best companies who offer pest control services to keep rodents away advise homeowners to keep doors and windows closed, fill other potential entry points like cracks, keep the yard and garden clean, and store food products in closed containers.


Birds are good for pollination, but too many of them can cause havoc on property and crops and transfer diseases, necessitating home pest control services. We encourage clients to remove bird feeders, drain water from containers or fountains, or have a pet or scarecrow that will scare the birds away. As a licensed pest control company, we inspect whether the birds have chicks before safely removing their nest and cleaning the client’s property.

As trusted local pest exterminators, we try our best not to kill pests unless they are causing unrepeatable damage to property and pose substantial health threats. We primarily use deterrents or traps to catch rodents and birds and transfer them to safe habitats. We also use chemicals that will not harm our clients, their gardens, or their house.

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