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Wall interior being infested with termites

A pest infestation can make even the coziest of homes uninhabitable. Though most pests are only considered hygienic issues, some can be destructive to your property. If you fail to have home pest control, pest infestations can spread quickly. Termite colonies, for instance, expand and can tunnel through walls, floors, and other building materials.

Here, Mammoth Pest Control, the leading name for termite inspection in Flagstaff AZ, presents some key emergency pest control tips.

Dispose of Garbage Regularly

Termite pest control company experts encourage disposing of garbage regularly to discourage pest infestations. Discard used cardboard boxes, newspapers, and other paper-based waste in a sealed trash bin. If you’re throwing out wood or furniture, use a chipper to reduce it into small pieces that your trash disposal can swallow as a pest control measure.

Do Not Allow Water to Stand

Water is a termite’s source of food. A colony can survive up to 5 years without having to eat as long as it has a steady water supply. One effective form of termite treatment to counter termite infestations is to keep water sources away from your home or office. Pest control services can use effective methods to remove termites and prevent an infestation.

Keep Your Yard Clean of Brushy Areas with Termites

Arid regions can be challenging for termite control measures because moisture is a termite’s food. It would help if you ensured there were no standing water sources near your home. Being among the top local pest exterminators, we can offer effective tips on how to get rid of termites.

Don’t Keep Fruits and Vegetables Out For Long

Pests, particularly termites, like to eat dried or wilting fruits and vegetables. This includes shredded paper and dry leaves as well. These food sources will go bad much faster than usual, becoming a food source for pest colonies. Termite exterminator services can help you eliminate termites from your property.

The best solution to get rid of troublesome pests is to enlist the aid of a reputable local pest control company. Mammoth Pest Control is your first, last, and best line of defense against pest infestations. Call us today to schedule an appointment!



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