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Termite infestation

Termites are one of the most harmful pests, costing homeowners significant amounts of repair costs each year. They can inflict a lot of damage if not contained through effective termite control methods. To successfully prevent them from ruining your property, you first need to be able to determine the things that attract them in the first place.

Be wary of the things discussed below as they could draw termites to your home.


Termites prefer damp environments and feed off soft or rotten wood. The key thing to remember is that they will die if not kept in a moist environment. If you have leaks or water damage in your home, you may find yourself needing termite pest control soon.

Ensure there are no leaks in the bathroom or laundry room’s water systems and air conditioners. You can prevent termites from invading your home by managing the moisture level or conducting routine termite treatment as a precautionary measure.

Mulch and Gardens

Mulch is widely applied in residences, gardens, and even as a foundation layer. Be warned, however, because termites love the wood chips since they retain their wetness. Any pest control company will advise you against keeping mulch around the house.

Wood mulch should be used sparingly and about 15 inches from your house’s exterior. Regularly check the existing mulch for indications of termite infestation, and consult a professional for emergency pest control should there be any termites present.


Termites are drawn to timbers placed on the ground because of their potential for moisture, making them ideal targets for pests. Be sure to keep timber far away from your property. Otherwise, you’ll need a termite exterminator to help you keep termites in check.


Many homeowners keep large piles of wood near their property, so they may easily get to the wood when it’s time to light a fire. Termites will be attracted to the food source, leading them to your house. Dependable local pest exterminators will advise you on the proper storage of wood.

According to pest control experts, firewood should be kept about 20 feet from home and about 5 inches above the ground.

Dead Trees and Stumps

Termites prefer to feed on decaying wood. If you happen to find any stumps and dead trees lying around, they might decide to make a home there and force you to call for pest control services. Make sure there’s no deadwood in the yard to avoid this. Before termites invade your property’s dead trees or stumps, remove them.

Bad Drainage

Termites thrive in damp environments and are more likely to attack the insulation if water builds up in gutters and drainage systems. An excellent technique to keep water from collecting around the foundation is to create a drainage system for it. Splash blocks or downspout extenders can help with home pest control.

Termite infestation can be a difficult situation to handle, so make sure to address the things that attract them promptly as it’s the first step toward effective pest control. Doing so can not only eliminate termite risk but can reduce it and help safeguard your property.

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