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Termite colony gnawing on wood

Termites cause billions of dollars of property damage annually, but much of this damage can be avoided if property owners are more aware of the indicators of termite activity and opt for preventive services. As the leading name for termite inspection in Flagstaff AZ, we at Mammoth Pest Control advise local residents to actively be on the lookout for the following signs of possible termite infestation.

Swarming Insects

Some species of termites fly around in swarms at certain times of the year. If you’re not sure whether the insects you’re seeing are termites, our emergency pest control crew can provide fast identification. We offer a range of suitable solutions to resolve your pest problems.

Sawdust and Shavings

Termites are very efficient at burrowing their way into wooden beams, boards, and panels. They usually leave behind wood shavings as they go. If you ever spot random wood particles in your basement, along a wall, or on the floor, you should contact a termite exterminator right away.

Dirt Tubes on Exterior Walls

As termites enter a structure from the soil, they sometimes create dirt tunnels along their path of travel. The presence of these tunnels is a sure sign that termites have climbed up the foundation walls to access the property’s wooden infrastructure. Our termite pest control team can determine if there are actual termite tunnels at your location or if the suspicious-looking dirt is the result of splashing rainwater or other causes.

Hollow-sounding Walls and Noisy Flooring

Not all symptoms of termite damage are visible. Initial signs of an infestation may also include unusual sounds and noises. A hollow or dull sound when tapping on a wall or an area of flooring that suddenly squeaks when stepped on could indicate that a visit from our termite control team is in order.

With prompt termite treatment, you can stop termites dead in their tracks before they wreak havoc on your home. If you notice the signs we discussed above, contact us at Mammoth Pest Control to schedule an appointment!



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