Everything You Need to Know About Termite Damage

You may want to sit back for this fact: In Arizona, there are 3-5 termite colonies per acre of land. There are 60,000 – 1 million termites per colony. We don’t even need to do the math  – that is a TON of termites per acre of land in just Flagstaff alone!  Arizona residents on…

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Spring Cleaning: How to Prep Your Flagstaff Home for Pests

Everybody Loves Warm Weather – Even Pests! Spring is a beautiful time of year – the sun shines a little bit brighter, the air is fresher, and flowers start to bloom. Unfortunately, with all of the good things that spring brings, it also brings out the pests. Termites, ants, spiders, and other unwelcome guests come…

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Dealing with Woodpeckers in Flagstaff | Mammoth Pest Control

white and black bird on brown tree branch

Woodpeckers are classified as migratory, nongame birds and are protected by state and federal law. This means that you cannot harm these animals when they’re redecorating the siding on your house. However, there are some steps homeowners can take to mitigate the damage without harming them. Read on for some tips about how deal with…

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Winter Secrets Your Dog Wants You to Know

man and woman hugging a dog

With winter in full swing here in Northern Arizona, it can be easy to forget that your furry friend is also feeling the chill. But don’t worry—your pup still has plenty of energy and enthusiasm for the cold months ahead! In fact, they have a few secrets they would like to share with you. Here…

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Keep Pests Away This Holiday Season with a Pest Control Checklist

guinea pig lying on a table

Inspect Your Home Inside & Out The holidays are here! With the hustle and bustle of the season, it’s important to take proper precautions to make sure your home is protected from pesky pests as you get ready for family and friends. From preparation to prevention, here’s a holiday pest control checklist that will help…

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The Best Home Remodeling Projects to Boost Value

The success of a home remodeling project rests on the capabilities of your contractor. Your choice can either make or break the project. That’s why it’s crucial to always screen your candidates carefully. After all, should the project prove to be a success, your home’s value will surely shoot through the roof. Mammoth Builders offers…

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Top Things to Consider Before a Home Remodeling Project

Re-imagining your home in a whole new form and structure can sometimes feel an uphill battle, but not anymore. Mammoth Builders, a leading remodeling expert and general contractor in Flagstaff, AZ, just made the task easier for you. Like any beautiful piece of art, remodeling your home is a project that requires deep thought and…

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