Common Household Pests and How You Can Keep Your Home Free From Them

Roof gutter infested with pests

Pests are not only a nuisance but can also damage your property and pose a legitimate health concern. Should you have a full-blown pest infestation on your hands, don’t panic. With Mammoth Pest Control, you’ve got a dependable pest control company to clean things up for you. As the premier company for pest control termite…

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Practical Pest Control Tips

Wall interior being infested with termites

A pest infestation can make even the coziest of homes uninhabitable. Though most pests are only considered hygienic issues, some can be destructive to your property. If you fail to have home pest control, pest infestations can spread quickly. Termite colonies, for instance, expand and can tunnel through walls, floors, and other building materials. Here,…

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Top Things That Attract Termites to Your Home

Termite infestation

Termites are one of the most harmful pests, costing homeowners significant amounts of repair costs each year. They can inflict a lot of damage if not contained through effective termite control methods. To successfully prevent them from ruining your property, you first need to be able to determine the things that attract them in the…

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Tell-Tale Signs of a Termite Infestation

Termite colony gnawing on wood

Termites cause billions of dollars of property damage annually, but much of this damage can be avoided if property owners are more aware of the indicators of termite activity and opt for preventive services. As the leading name for termite inspection in Flagstaff AZ, we at Mammoth Pest Control advise local residents to actively be…

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